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Central Management System

Why Central Management System?
In large and medium-sized institutions and organizations, it has been observed that the management and control of devices with institutional resources is quite costly and sometimes impossible to manage. It has been observed that both open source and non-open source applications related to client management in the global software market are very few and insufficient.

For all these reasons, it has emerged that there is a need for a solution infrastructure that can be integrated into any application by providing infrastructure and can be managed on clients.

What is LiderAhenk?
It is an open source software system developed by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM that enables to manage, monitor and control an unlimited number of different systems and users on the corporate network from a single center.
It has been developed to meet the corporate policies and security requirements of corporate computing centers on ever-expanding and changing information tools, effectively, flexibly and at low costs in the global world.
It includes more than thirty plugins customized according to corporate needs around the unique solution infrastructure created by the Lider server and Ahenk cores and LDAP server.

It can be scaled to any scale, centralized or distributed organization. It can be adapted according to the requirements. It can be easily integrated into existing enterprise software and solution systems.

Why LiderAhenk?
Thanks to its open source code, it is more secure, high quality, flexible, traceable and easy to develop. It provides stronger support and total cost of ownership advantage with its growing developer community as it is used.
It manages an unlimited number of computers and users with its local or distributed LDAP-based solution infrastructure. It provides a scalable solution to manage the entire system or specific sets of hardware and users individually or collectively.

It has more than thirty add-ons that are added every day to meet the basic needs of institutions. Institutions can easily develop their own plug-ins or change existing plug-ins in line with their needs.
It can be easily integrated into user and identity management systems, management information systems, inventory and resource management systems that are used or planned to be used. Integration can be made with the desired 3rd party software solutions both in the center and in the clients.

LiderAhenk Components
As the name suggests, LiderAhenk system consists of the Lider in the center and the agent components we call Ahenk installed on the managed systems, and a management console called the Lider Console.
LiderAhenk Solution Components primarily provide a comprehensive infrastructure for the creation and development of “Corporate Policies”. On the basis of LDAP provides opportunities which:

Basic policies starting with security, identification and authentication, system-wide update and upgrade, software installation, uninstallation, use of USB and other peripherals, quota, firewall and antivirus solutions, and user session management.

LiderAhenk implements the determined policies on an unlimited number and variety of system components through the agents we call Ahenk. As the field elements of system management, Harmonics monitors, manages and reports all desired actions and applications on the hardware. It’s never broken and it’s definitely unstoppable. The heuristic communication infrastructure between the Lider and the Ahenk is a unique solution that allows the simultaneous management of an unlimited number of systems.

1. Lider
Lider component is at the center of LiderAhenk system. There is basically an LDAP and an integrated database system on Lider. With a complete LDAP solution, the Lider offers a unique LDAP experience that encapsulates the definitions and contents of existing LDAPs, which is much easier to use without changing the operating systems and habits. The Lider provides the opportunity to group managed computers and users according to different perspectives, and to set and apply policies according to these groups. Groups can be permanently registered on LDAP.

2. Communication Solution
In addition, Lider is the only System Management Center that uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), which is used by instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and Google Talk, to provide fast and secure communication with an unlimited number of clients. XMPP is an open set of XML protocols and technologies that allow two ends of the Internet to exchange any structured information mutually and almost simultaneously. It is an open, standard, reliable and proven solution.

3. Lider Console
The user interface of LiderAhenk system is Lider Console. From policy definitions with the Lider Console to changing a user’s password on LDAP, all functions are done from an integrated user interface developed under a unique Eclipse platform.

A full LDAP editor is included under the console for monitoring and managing an unlimited number of clients and users at enterprise scale. Special interfaces, query and reporting screens for each of the more than thirty available add-ons are also available in the console. According to the needs, the desired add-on can be removed, new add-ons can be developed and added to the common platform.

4. Ahenk
Ahenk has been produced to implement corporate policies on ever-expanding and changing information tools, and to monitor and manage systems effectively. It is designed and developed using the Python language to seamlessly support future Next Generation Platforms as well as manage anything with an operating system on it. Commands from the lider are parsed by the Ahenk core and implemented by Plugins on the Ahenk. Results and critical stages of implementation are reported back to the Lider. Notifications are stored on both the Ahenk and the Lider side.

Target Audience of the Project – For Whom?
LiderAhenk has been developed by targeting client management as the main target. Developments have been made and continue to be made by targeting large and medium-sized institutions with a central structure. The people who manage and will manage the application are system administrators or IT personnel. The work of IT personnel and system administrators is greatly facilitated.

Expected Demand Level
The application is expected to be used in all public and large / medium-sized organizations.

Liderahenk Screenshots