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Interactive Board Interface Project

Pardus ETAP is specially designed for interactive boards used in educational institutions. The design and added new features have been developed considering all the requirements that teachers will need while teaching in the classroom, enabling easier and more effective use of a touch screen device.

System requirements: 2GB RAM, 25GB disk space, 256MB graphics card, 64-bit supported processor. Touch hardware with HID support. (including non-HID Vestel boards)


You can follow Pardus ETAP usage rates on the interactive boards in our schools at this address.

Etap Features

ETA Panel

As a result of our long and detailed research, the ETA Panel, which we have developed for more efficient use of interactive whiteboards, ensures that the tasks needed in a classroom environment are carried out in the fastest and most effective way.

ETA Keyboard

Thanks to the virtual keyboard we have developed specifically for ETAP, you can easily enter text without the need for a physical keyboard. Our keyboard, which can be displayed automatically when a text field is touched, offers tablet and full view, has different input language and color options.

Screen Dimming

Thanks to the Screen Dimming feature accessed through the ETA Panel, a certain part of the screen can be dimmed to hide the information that is wanted to be hidden, or the entire screen can be dimmed in full-screen mode, without the need to turn off the device, so that all attention is drawn to the teacher.


ETAP provides the opportunity to work in more than one workspace at the same time, allowing teachers to make presentations in any layout they wish without having to change the positions of the windows on the screen or close them, and to make the most of the interactive whiteboards.

Touch Gestures

Thanks to the touch actions developed for ETAP, users can make the most effective use of the touch surfaces of the interactive whiteboards. Some of these actions are:

  • Long-tap right-click menu display
  • Zooming in and out with two finger gestures
  • Scrolling within the page by tapping and dragging with two fingers
  • The ability to easily move the window on the screen after holding it down with two fingers for a long time
  • Showing and hiding the ETA Keyboard with two finger taps at the bottom of the screen

ETAP Screenshots