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Pardus 2013 Corporate released!

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Pardus 2013 Corporate released!
27.03.2013 15:22
Hi All,
Pardus 2013 Corporate is released and available in four flavors. GNOME (x86, amd64) and KDE (x86, amd64). 

You can download all flavors in ISO form from the following links:

If you prefer torrents; you can use the following pages:

KDE 64:
KDE 32:

All images are hybrid ISO files. You can burn them to DVDs or clone to your favorite USB storage device via dd (or something similar). All images boots as live CDs but they can be installed to your computer with included installer. 

Currently the distribution is only availabe in Turkish, but this situation will change in the future.

Pardus 2013 has many new features inside out. First and most important, Pardus is now based on Debian/Wheezy and built using tools provided by the debian-live project. Other features include but not limited to:- Installable live images for peaceful exploration.- Integrated and simplified installer for easy installation.- Firefox 17esr and Thunderbird 17esr for stable internet experience.- Complete multimedia tools for hassle free multimedia experience and many more...

We hope you like this new release.